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Product Detail : Disposal of obsolete, unserviceable store/ scrap items, balance 2kg postal, qty 1, fixograph board, qty 2, flame gun, qty 1, torch, qty 1, round stool, qty 1, rack steel, qty 1, volatage stabilizer, qty 1, heater double rod, qty 1, bucket g.i, qty 3, tattoing machine, qty 1, forceps, qty 1, wheel barrow, qty 1, embossing kit, qty 1, single cage, qty 270nos, cage, qty 120nos, tray wooden, qty 1, printing block, qty 6, table wooden drawer, qty 1, ambassing gun, qty 1, wall clock, qty 1, stapler heavy duty, qty 1, calculator casio, qty 1, film strip projector, qty 1, film rebinder, qty 2, locks, qty 1, over head projector, qty 1, photophone sound projector, qty 1, slide projector, qty 1, spare spool, qty 1, splicer, qty 1, chisel, qty 1, electric heater, qty 1, measuring tap, qty 1, file, qty 1, hand saw, qty 1, motor pan, qty 1, main switch, qty 1, multimeter, qty 1, plier, qty 1, pipe die set, qty 1, screw driver, qty 1, randa, qty 1, soldring iron, qty 1, brass tap, qty 6, bid cock, qty 3, chock, qty 15, battery exide, qty 1, stop cock brass, qty 6, type writer, qty 1, printing, qty 1, chair cushion, qty 6, fax machine, qty 1, laptop, qty 1, cd writer, qty 1, lamination machine, qty 1, spiral binder, qty 1, avery machine, qty 1, angithi, qty 1, binocular, qty 1, room heater, qty 1, rack wooden, qty 3, tray iron, qty 1, modem de link 56 kbs, qty 1, compact ups, qty 1, windows 95(cd), qty 1, mouse, qty 1, ms office, qty 2, spab (2.0) software, qty 1, basola iron, qty 1, tagging forceps, qty 1, wheel barrow, qty 1, feeder, qty 7, water tub, qty 3, fur sewing machine, qty 1, screw driver and screw driver set, qty 1, scissors, qty 1, rambi, qty 2, dustbin, qty 2, fleshing knife, qty 1, fur cutting machine, qty 1, hammer, qty 1, hand saw, qty 1, lenameter, qty 1, ermascope, qty 1, uri stand, qty 1, bowls steel, qty 3, bhagona, qty 1, serving spoon, qty 2, kadahi, qty 1, gadda, qty 5, pillow, qty 8, quilts, qty 8, axes, qty 1, bucket iron, qty 1, crosscut saw, qty 1, darat, qty 3, drum, qty 3, ph meter, qty 1, spanner set, qty 1, hammer, qty 1, stool wooden, qty 3, pruning saw, qty 1, pick jumper, qty 2, bowls feed storage, qty 16nos, spanner set, qty 1, hand pump, qty 1.
Tender Location : Himachal Pradesh - India
Document Path : Can be viewed by Subscribers
Tender Closing Date : 23/08/2022 at 00:00 Hrs.
Sub-Industry/Industry : Textile Machinery - Non-electrical Machinery   
Essential Product,Face,Mask,Sanitizers,Gloves etc.
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