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Product Detail : Disposal of electrical scrap assets like switches, mcbs, bus bars, tube light fittings, dessert coolers, assorted cables, ceiling fans, ms panels, voltage stabilizers, etc which are unserviceable, obsolete and irreparable, civl scrap assets like ms items (windows, grills, roof sheets, etc.,) , gi items(corrugated roof sheets, pipes and pipe fittings etc.,), pvc items, brass items, aluminum items, change over switch, 63 amp, 415 v, main switch, 100 amp, 415 v, make- standard (fsu), main switch, 100 amp, 415 v, make- havells (fsu), bus bar junction box , (18'x16" & 12"x 16"), mcb distribution board panel, main switch, 200 amp, 415 v, make- havells, inverter - 1400 va, with two no. battery set (complete), make, luminous, battery trolly, elements - 3000 watt, window ac, capacity-1.5 ton, make - voltas, tubelight fitting - 2 x 36/40 w, make phillips (tbs50), tubelight fitting - 2 x 36/40 w, (box type), tubelight fitting - 1 x 36/40 w, tubelight street light fitting - 2 x 36/40 w, t-5, tubelight light fitting - 2x 28 w, tubelight light fitting - 1 x 36/40 w, tubelight light fitting - 2 x 36/40 w, make -cg, t-5, tubelight light fitting - 1 x 28 w, led tubelight light fitting, batten type - 1 x 18/20 w, electrical ketlle, desert cooler, desert cooler (body), desert cooler (pvc body), pedistal fan, m.s. pipe (off size), (released from cooling tower condesor water / drain pipe line), m.s. grill (18" x 18"), m.s. air damper grill, desert cooler stand, ac stand, released connecting copper cable of dg sets (8 pair), released copper cable -25 single core of dg sets (for, released 3 core copper cable - 25 of dg sets., 4 core , 6 sq. mm aluminum cable (released), 4 core , 25 sq. mm aluminum cable (released), 31/2 core , 25 sq. mm almunium cable, (released), 31/2 core , 50 sq. mm almunium cable, (released), 31/2 core , 85 sq. mm almunium cable, (released), 31/2 core , 150 sq. mm almunium cable, (released), 31/2 core , 185 sq. mm almunium cable, (released), 4 core , 185 sq. mm almunium cable, (released), 31/2 core , 300 sq. mm almunium cable, (released), ceiling fan - 56", make usha, ceiling fan - 48", make - cg, cabin fan - 400 mm ( 3- usha, 3- cg), exhaust fan - 12" , make - cg, exhaust fan - 18" , make – cg, energy meter , (make- bentex-2, capital-1), main distribution panel consist of connecting copper bus bar - ( 2no. - 100 amp, 500 v swiches & 1 no. - 200 amp, 500 v, type fa, make - l&t, size - 1010 x 900 x 300 mm), m.s. bus bar duct , size- 2510 x 600 x 300 mm, (released from panel room), m.s. bus bar duct , size- 690 x 550 x 300 mm, (released from panel room), m.s. bus bar duct , size- 670 x 550 x 300 mm, (released from panel room), m.s. bus bar duct , size- 600 x 600 x 300 mm, (released from panel room), m.s. bus bar duct , size- 870 x 700 x 400 mm, (released from panel room), m.s. bus bar duct , size- 690 x 350 x 300 mm, (released from panel room), m.s. electrical panel , size- 1990 x 390 x 220 mm, 400x210x110,400x 290x130, 1100x300x200 & 150x90x150, (released from g.f. switch room), air-curtain - 4 feet (released from noc area), air-curtain - 6 feet (released from prs dc), voltage stabilzer - 5 kva, voltage stabilzer - 4 kva, hot case, ms scrap, ms windows big, ms window small, ms window with wire mesh, ms roof sheets- size- 11’-6”x3’, ms flat grill, ms roof sheets- size- 16’-4”x3’, ms sheets (ridge/birds board)- mix size, ms misc. scrap items [pipe, khurpa, spade, tulwar, pad locks, ms door handle, ms hinges, multi-purpose, floor spring door patti & pivot, drawer channel, cistern, urinal pipe, nuts&bolts with washers, liquid soap, ms blades & disc of lawn mover, bihari hinges, etc, old universal door closers, ms c-channels & ms square tubes, ms wire-mesh cage with angle frame, ms old jack rod stud bolts with nuts, ms steel reinforcement -10mm & 8mm tor, ms door shutters z-section frame, (frame, louver & jail with grill), ms window shutter, ms door chowkhat with grill and ms door &, window chowkhats, ms scrap i.e. ms reinforcement wire, ms tank lid,, ms cistern, ms chajja, ms sheets, ms rods, etc., m.s reinforcement bar 8mm /10mm tor, m.s angle & m.s flat etc., m.s. door (2-9” x 3-11”), m.s. sheet, ms pipe dia- 1-1/2 inches, ms tasla, empty drum20 ltr., ss 2-corner shelf, etc, ms windows chowkhat with shutter of size 1.4 x, 1.22m (released from room no. 202, 203, 213,, 216, 217, 219, 221, 222 and cabin no. 9, 10, & 12, on first floor at cris office complex)., ms iron bar misc. size, brass scrap, brass scrap items misc. [tap phase, angle valve, gate valve, handles, stay, elbow, hex nipple, tee, health faucet, bottle trap, paper holder, towel ring, nuts, chidiya, bib cock, waste jali etc], aluminium scrap, aluminium raise floor assembly section etc, aluminium [grill, sections, flats & beadings etc.], scrap in bags, sci items, sand cast iron (sci) pipe & bend, sci pipe dia-2”, sci- bend/ tee/ tail, ci pipe & trap dia -3”, gi scrap, gi corrugated roof sheets- size- 10’x2’-8”, gi pipe of mix size (of dias-1
Tender Location : Delhi - India
Document Path : Can be viewed by Subscribers
Tender EMD : INR 8360
Tender Closing Date : 15/06/2022 at 00:00 Hrs.
Tender Opening Date : 15/06/2022 at 00:00 Hrs.
Sub-Industry/Industry : Railways Transport Services - Transport Services   
Essential Product,Face,Mask,Sanitizers,Gloves etc.
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