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>> State - Gujarat
Sector Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Tender Value Rs. 20 Lakhs
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 11325984
Closing Date 22 - Aug - 2014 Login to View Tender Details
Supply of Plastic Bottles And Jar.
Sector Health Services/Equipments Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 11311459
Closing Date 19 - Aug - 2014 Login to View Tender Details
Work of Plastic bags on annual rate contract basis.
Sector Health Services/Equipments Tender Value Rs. 2.36 Crore
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 11324483
Closing Date 19 - Aug - 2014 Login to View Tender Details
Supply of Plastic Bags On R.C. Basis.
Sector Health Services/Equipments Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 11315411
Closing Date 11 - Aug - 2014 Login to View Tender Details
Purchase of P & O Workshop Item for Government Spine Inst & Physiotherapy College (Paraplegia Hospital) - Strong Rubber Solution (in 5 liter tin), Elastic Webbing (broad-25 M.M.), Elastic Webbing (broad-75 M.M.), Elastic Webbing (broad-200 M.M.), Velcro Hook-LOOP (Skin Colour50 M.M), Velcro Hook-LOOP (Skin Colour50 M.M) Adhesive, Nylon Webbing (skin color 25mm), Nylon Webbing (skin color 50mm), Crosslink Polyethylene foam sheet, Gavi leather thin (Average pies 500grm to 1kilo ), Compressed sole leather Buffalo (Average 2kg to 3kg ), Light Weight hard rubber sheet (10mm thick 3”x3”), Light Weight hard rubber sheet (25mm thick 3”x3”), Swede Leather (Camel buff), Chrome Leather Gujarat Leather Industries Grade 1 or2, Polyethylene Sheet (Virgin) White Color –non Perforated, MS bright bar Size-3/4”x3/16”, MS Sheet’s Piece, Heat gun, Bamboo stick, Low temperature Thermo Plastic sheet A, Low temperature Thermo Plastic sheet B, Carriage bolt, Rubber tip, Axilla piece of Crutches, Welding rod electric, Nitrile tube (300mm I.D.), Polyurethane resin bandage, Plaster of Paris powder, Buffer rivet ¾ with big head, Methyl metha acrylic resin with hardener powder, Color pigment, Stockinet (nylon) 10cm broad, Stockinet (nylon) 12 cm broad, Stockinet (nylon) 15 cm broad, Carbon fiber webbing (1.2meter x1 meter), Lock tight solution, Kits for mounding with pyramid fixation below knee 1 no, Kits for mounding with pyramid fixation above knee 1 no, SACH foot (with different size and light weight), Nay glass stockinet white/skin color, Bleached cotton stockinet 4cm, Bleached cotton stockinet 8cm, Bleached cotton stockinet 10cm, Bleached cotton stockinet 15cm, Bleached cotton stockinet 20cm, Bleached cotton stockinet 25cm, P.P. Sheet homo polymer (45cm x45cm x10mm), P.P. Sheet homo polymer (45cm x45cm x12mm), P.P. Sheet homo polymer (45cm x45cm x15mm), Silicon mould spray, Poly urethane hinge (with dummy nut bolt), Surform blade, flat, round, half round, Surform frame flat, half round, round, Joint hip Disarticulation child & adult, Kit below/elbow child right/left, Kit below/elbow adult right/left, Kit above/elbow child right/left, Kit above/elbow adult right/left, Cosmetic gloves-child right color shade, P. U. Resin for making foam (pidilite density-200/400), Foot impression foam, Quick fix solution, Aluminum rivet flat head, Copper rivet flat head, M.S rivet flat head, MS rivet counter shank head, Drill beat, Roller buckle, M.S. gas welding rod, Brass gas welding rod, Thinner (NC) in 5litter tin, Bopp tab, Wire mess (galvanize) S.S, D ring, Jigsaw machine blade with big teeth, Cotton thread-20 number-standard quality, Cotton thread-2 number-standard quality, Locomotor activity monitoring device with mounting kit, Cable set, Jaipur foot with different size, Talcum Powder, Thread of machine (50no.& skin color), Press button with standard quality, Shoe lace, Leather punch (in every size), Cotton Lycra cloth, two way stretch, Aero plane sole, Scissor, Shoe eyelat, Machine screw, Tap set, Stapler pin, Spring wire, Wire brush, H.S.S. Cutting tool, Screw driver, AFO with hinge, Thigh shell, ALIMCO Type knee joint, Cold cure monomer liquid, DPI RR Cold cure-acrylic repair material white, Acrylic repair material pink, Gas can for filling gas lighter, Thixo trophic agent for (A&B) 120ML, Rapid cold cure monomer 200ml, Acetone, Cosmetic spry, P413 skin shade, P414 skin shade (white), P419 mushroom, P410 skin shade, P414 skin yellow, P418 coloring agent, P409 rose pink, P415 biscuit, P412 tan, P119 red, P420 skin shade, P417 skin shade, P405 basic grey, Sealing resin paste, Plast tape 10meter, Router with dust collector attachment router display panel electrical, Aluminum Flat patti, Chapala large /small size for making joint 14 gauge, Contal Insoles, Ville confort 35/37, Ville confort 38/40, Ville confort 41/43, Pied Sensible 41/43, Paid Fregile 44/46, Sport Endurance 35/37, Sport Endurance 38/40, Sport Multisport 41/43, Sport rapide 35/37, Thermoform 40 yellow 950x475 4mm, Evaform 50 4mm orange 950/775, Thermoform 53 black/brown 900*450 4mm, Le cron spatula, TK thomaspunt, Roller, Alginate spatula, Silicon spatula, large, small, Wax knife, Cast cutter with rechargeable battery, Interchangeable battery for cast cutter, Circular saw blade, Segment saw blade, PVA Bag (pack of 10) 100*26/5, PVA Bag (pack of 10) 130*19/5, Lycra cloth width-92 sd finish being 9 color quality, Padding cone for prosthetic, Alginate, Die stone compressive strength 900kg/cm2, Green stone, Molding Wax, Acrylic Transparent, Acrylic pink, Monoma, Intrinsic color kit (8 master shade), Basic skin shade (8 shade), Extrinsic color kit (8 color), Extrinsic sealant, Thixo (anti slum Agent), Cobosill (50gm pack), Silicon Adhesive, Silicon putty, Veining fiber, Edge Adhesive, Axetoxy, Medi mould (silicon releasing spray), Platinum primer, Matting dispersion, H.D.P.U Laminated Foam& Fabric wide 52’’, H.D.P.U Laminated Velcro &Foam 52’’, Impresil kit ( casting material), Past
Sector Health Services/Equipments Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 11315693
Closing Date 11 - Aug - 2014 Login to View Tender Details
Purchase of Petty Supply Items for Govt. Spine Inst. and Physiotherapy College (Paraplegia Hospital) - Soap for Hand wash of 90gm, Soap for Hand wash of 115gm, Carbolic Soap, Bar Soap, Liquid Soap in 5 ltr packing, Acid in 5 ltr packing, Sodium Hypochlorite in 5 ltr packing, Finit in 5 ltr packing, Battery Cell Big, Battery Cell medium, Pencil Cell, Pager Cell AAA, Tourch of 2 cell / 3 cell, Saving Blade, Measure Tape, Plastic Water Jug Of 2 ltr, Cool water Jug of 8 ltr, Finit Pump, Stirup Pump, Bleaching Powder, Malathion Powder, TCL powder, Pyrethion Liquid, M T O, Biohazzad bag lock of 10”, Glass for drinking water, Lock- (1) 8 Lever, Lock- (2) 10 Lever, Hospital Slipper Blue & White No.5 to 7, Hospital Slipper Blue & White No.8 to 10, Naphthalene Ball in one kg packing, Talcum Powder in one kg packing, Door Matts (4’*2’) (1)Plastic, Door Matts (4’*2’) (2) Jute, Door Matts (3’*2’) (1) Plastic, Door Matts (3’*2’) (2) Jute, Full Broom of 400gm, Coco Broom of 500gm, Plastic Coco Broom of 4’, Bamboo Broom of 10’, Wet Mop (Plastic Handel of 6’), Only Wet Mop, Dry Mop (Plastic Handel of 6’), Only Dry Mop, Bamboo coco broom of 10’ Bamboo, Cleaning Powder in one kg packing, Tube light of 4’ ISI, T-5 thin Tube light, CLF Lamp of 8walts, CLF Lamp of 14walts, CLF Lamp of 18walts, Bulb ISI 40walts, Bulb ISI 60walts, Toilet Cleaning Brash, Toilet Cleaning 500ml (1) Harpik, Toilet Cleaning 500ml (2)Demox, Toilet Cleaning 500ml (3)Lysol, Toilet Cleaning 500ml (4)Mr. Muscles, Toilet Cleaning 500ml (5)Sunny Fresh, Glass Liquid 500ml (1) Colin, Duster of Cleaning glass, Soap Dish, Liquid of Hand Wash-250ml, Saving Cream, Puncher Proof Container, Room Freshener 160gm, Air Freshener, Tea set, VIP Cup Saucer, Tray Medium Size, Thermos of 1ltr, Tea Coaster, Bar Soap of 100gm, Texan Thread, Plastic Tumbler, Big Plastic Supadi, Plastic waste paper basket black colour, Plastic Bucket of 10ltr/16ltr, Plastic Big container of 40ltr, Red/Blue/Yellow/Black Colour, Gamaxene Powder, Biohazard purpose plastic bag, Water Bed Size 6’ × 3’, Water Proof Bed sheet.
Sector Health Services/Equipments Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 11315758
Closing Date 11 - Aug - 2014 Login to View Tender Details
Purchase of Stationary Items for Govt. Spine Inst. and Physiotherapy College (Paraplegia Hospital) - A-4 Size 60gsm Xerox Paper, A-4 Size 70gsm Xerox Paper, A-4 Size 80gsm Xerox Paper, A-4 Size 90gsm Xerox Paper, Legal Size 60gsm Xerox Paper, Legal Size70gsm Xerox Paper, Legal Size80gsm Xerox Paper, Legal Size90gsm Xerox Paper, Blank C.D. (R: 700M.B.), Blank C.D. (Re-writable), Blank DVD (4.7 G.B), Blank DVD (Re-writable), CD Cover, CD Cover Hard Plastic, Fax Roll 25 mtr, Pencil HB, A-4 Size Sticker Sheet, 2 × 8 nos. – 34mm × 99 mm, Permanent Marker Pen, Permanent Marker Ink, CD Marker Pen, CD Marker Pen Ink, White Board Marker Pen, White Board Marker Pen Ink, Two Quire Register Hard Boundary, Three Quire Register Hard Boundary, Four Quire Register Hard Boundary, Six Quire Register Hard Boundary, Non Dust White Chalk, Non Dust Coloring Chalk, Stapler (kangaroo-10), Stapler (kangaroo-45), Stapler pin no-10, Stapler pin no-24/6, Stamp Pad Blue (size 157 × 96mm), Punching machine kangaroo-480, Punching machine kangaroo-800, Fevistick 15gm, Gum 20ml, Correction Pen, Cello Tape 1” Transparent, Cello Tape 2” Brown Colour, Cover Brown Colour 5”×4”, Cover Brown Colour 9”×4”, Cover white Colour 9”×4”, Cover green plastic- Size A-4, Cover green plastic- Size Legal Jumbo, Pen Drive ISI Mark- 4GB, Pen Drive ISI Mark- 8GB, Black Board Duster, White Board Duster, Sketch Pen (12 Color), Pen Stand executive type, Pin Curser, Duster, Pin Box, Writing, Simple File, Folder File, Ghoda File, Paper wait, Corrugated Plastic Box 23”ecth, Peg Markers, High Liter, Cesar, Carbon paper, Poker Steel, Poker Wooden, Pin Cushion, Scale small size, Scale Large size, Sharpener, Pad Ink, Attendance Register, Vehicle log book, OHP Marker –Monaf, OHP Marker-Luxor, Pen-Line Smart Gel, Pencil Eraser, Calculator 12Digit, Table Call Bell, Puravni 20page & 40page, Supplementary, Jumbo Stapler, Jumbo Stapler Pin.
Sector Insurance Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 11322931
Closing Date 11 - Aug - 2014 Login to View Tender Details
Empanelment for Table & Office Stationery such as pens, files, Photo copiers, paper, Punching Machines, Staplers etc, Computer Continuous Stationery, Computer Consumables, Computer media, etc. (ii) Repairs of Printer head, Drums etc., Refilling of Toner Cartridges, Printer Ribbons, Offset/Screen Printers for printings of forms/ledgers, visiting cards etc. with or without papers, Identity cards, Publicity brochures, Booklets, Leaflets, Magazine, Manufacturer/Supplier of Cloth/Kraft Envelopes/Ordinary envelopes/Policy Dockets, Supply/Maintenance/Servicing of Telecommunication equipments such as FAX, EPABX systems, Telephone Instruments, Tour Operator for hiring taxi for LTC/Tour Purposes/Travel agent fro booking of Travel Tickets, Courier Service all over India, Transport services for transporting goods local/outstations, Supply/Maintenance/Servicing of Note counting Machines/Fake note detector machines, etc. (For servicing -5 lacs), Supply/Maintenance/Servicing of Safety Equipment & fire Fighting Equipment, Pest Control Services, Supply/Maintenance/Servicing of CCTV, Supply/Maintenance/Servicing of Water Coolers, Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, Fans, Geysers and other gadgets, Sound Systems, Supply/Maintenance/Servicing of Water Purifiers & R.O. Systems for domestic and commercial use, Supply of Desert Coolers, Hot case, Plastic body air coolers etc, Supply of Linen items such as Towels, Beds sheets, Upholstery for Quarters/guest houses and Cloth for uniform, Wooden/Steel/Moulded furniture and Fixture manufacturer/supplier, Hotel accommodation/Catering Services, Office upkeep services/Security guard Service such as Cleaning, Mopping of upholstery Floors, walls, etc, Net work cabling work, Plastic Wallets/Plastic Folders, Cleaning Materials such as Soap, Detergent Powder, Colin, Acid, Room Freshener, Phenyls, Mops, Brooms, Dusters, Brush, Maintenance/Service /Repairs contract for Carpenter work, Scrap Dealers, Health Check up Services/facilities, Almira, Safe, Policy Racks
Sector Insurance Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 11275961
Closing Date 09 - Aug - 2014 Login to View Tender Details
Empanelment for Gift Items. #*. Printing & Supply of Table & printed Stationery, Computer Continuous Stationery, computer consumable items, flex banners, signage. #*. Purchase & Repair of Furniture & Fixtures (Wooden, steel, Moulded), Note counting machine, fake currency detection machine, water cooler, RO System, Air Cooler, Franking Machine, EPABX/Telephone, Fire Fighting Equipments, Cleaning Materials, Uniforms. #*. Providing services for courier, Travel Agent, Transportation, Carting Services, House Keeping, Security Services. #*. Supply of Manpower, Pest Control, Junk Dealer, Health Check Services.
Sector Education And Research Institute Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 11342753
Closing Date 08 - Aug - 2014 Login to View Tender Details
Supply of Chemicals, glassware’s, plastic wares, lab wares, & small equipment. (Scanned Image - Gujarati Tender)
Sector Security Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 11250941
Closing Date 08 - Aug - 2014 Login to View Tender Details
Procurement of Marine Special Equipments – Neoprene Full Body Suit-2.5 Mks (Wet Suit), Mask With Two Way Wire Communication Between Surface And Diver To Diver, Gloves, Knife, Warning Device And Body Harness Mk1, Diver Jet Fins, Life Belt Line, Communication Box For 2 To 3 Divers, Headset With Boom Microphone For Instructor/Supervisor, Aga Communication Module, Communication Wire Rope Length Of 50 To 75 Mtrs, Hand Held Under Water Diver Search Light, Diving Set With Twin Oxygen Cylinder (Cap Of 7 Ltrs/300 Bar With Back, Breathing Air Compressor-100 Ltrs/Min 9 Cfm Hose, Regulator Hose, Manifold-P037200 Assy, First/Second Stage Regulator, Back Band For Carrying Of Oxygen Cylinders, Masc Pos Pressure-Pressure Aga Desb9, Mini Repairing Tool Kit, Nikon Camera (Water Proof), Camera Housing, Life Jacket, Marker Hand Held, Water Goggles, Mask With Nose Guard.
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