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>> State - Gujarat
Sector Road Transport Services Tender Value INR 7.40 Lakhs (approx.)
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 11850148
Closing Date 29 - Oct - 2014 Login to View Tender Details
Purchase of Tube Valve cap rubber base core pin with Reverse Auction System.
Sector Banking and Mutual Funds and Leasings Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 11809282
Closing Date 20 - Oct - 2014 Login to View Tender Details
Auction of multi colour plastic granules 25/30 Kilogram. (Scanned Image - Gujarati Tender)
Sector Computer Softwares Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 11932714
Closing Date 20 - Oct - 2014 Login to View Tender Details
Selection of Agency for Preparation and issue of Electors Photo Identity Card (EPIC) for Office of the Chief Electoral Officer, Gujarat State - (1) Procurement of Pre-printed Non-Personalized PVC Card, (2) Establishing at least one Helpdesk per DPL for searching the voter details and printing of form-001 from the system, (3) Identification of elector's information based on Form-001, (4) On-line Photography of Electors with help of Digital Camera, (5) Verification of the data by the Elector, (6) Editing of data, if necessary at the time of photography / processing on the card format, (7) Printing of EPIC cards on PVC Card, (8) Handing over of cards to ERO representatives for distribution, (9) Printing and lamination of miniaturized archival copies and handing over the same to the ERO and district authorities.
Sector Education And Research Institute Tender Value INR 35 Lakhs
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 11933718
Closing Date 18 - Oct - 2014 Login to View Tender Details
Supply of Tools equipments - Seam Ripper, Thread Cutter, Scale plastic 24”, Pinking Shears, Screw Driver Set, Table Sharpener, Pressing Table, Blanket for padding of Pressing Table, Rubber mat (Size as per requirement), Pattern Punch, Pattern Notcher, Water Tub 60 cm dia, Trial room with 3 side mirrors with arrangements of hanging Dresses, Electric Automatic steam press, Drafting Table, Display Board Covered with glass or Acrylic Sheet 120 X 90 cm, Wall Clock, Calculator Desk Type, Dummy Lady (different size), Dummy kid(different size), Display Board, Wi–Fi Router/24 Port Switch With Wireless Connectivity option, Network Monochrome Laser Printer A4 Size, Optical Scanner (Flatbed A4), Digital Web Cam (High Resolution), Cable crimping tool, Standalone Hard Disks 500 GB or Higher, Barcode Scanner, Digital Multimeters, 3.5 digit handheld type., Standard Screw Driver Set, USB Mini Dongle for Bluetooth devices Connection, Bluetooth headphone &mic set, External Solid State Hard Disk 1 TB, Cotton hand Gloves 8”, Leg guards leather, AG 4 Grinding wheels, Welding helmet fiber, Welding hand shield fiber, Chipping hammer with metal handle 250 Grams, Stainless steel rule 300mm, Hack saw frame fixed 300 mm, File half round bastard 300 mm(JK sun flower), File flat 350 mm bastard(JK sun flower), Hammer ball pane 1 kg with handle, Tip Cleaner, Try square 6”, Hammer sledge double faced 4 kg, CO2 Gas pressure regulator, with flow meter, Argon Gas pressure regulator with flow meter, Flash back arrester (torch mounted), Flash back arrester (cylinder mounted), Auto Darkening Welding Helmet, Work bench 340x120x75 cm with, bench vices of 150 mm jaw opening, Swage block, Die penetrant testing kit, Portable abrasive cut-off machine, Allen Key set of 12 pieces (2mm to 14mm), Caliper inside 15 cm Spring, Calipers outside 15 cm spring, Dividers 15 cm Spring, Electrician Screw Driver 250mm, Philips Screw Driver set of 5 pieces (100 mm to 300 mm), Scriber 15 cm, Spanners socket with speed handle, T-bar, ratchet and universal upto 32 mm set, Steel rule 30 cm inch and metric, Wire cutter and stripper, Adjustable spanner (pipe wrench 350 mm), Air blow gun with standard accessories, Air impact wrench with standard accessories, Air ratchet with standard accessories, Ammeter 300A/ 60A DC with external shunt, Angle plate adjustable 250x150x175, Angle plate size 200x100x200mm, Anvil 50 Kgs with Stand, Auto Electrical test bench, Battery –charger, Belt Tensioner gauge, Blow Lamp 1 litre, Chisel 10 cm flat, Chisels cross cut 200 mm X 6mm, Circlip pliers Expanding and contracting type 15cm and 20cm each, Clamps C 200mm, Compression testing gauge suitable for diesel Engine with standard accessories, Copper bit soldering iron 0.25 Kg, Cylinder bore gauge capacity 20 to 160 mm, Cylinder liner- Dry, Cylinder liner wet liner, Cylinder liner press fiT, Cylinder liner slidefit liner, DC Ohmmeter 0 to 300 Ohms, mid scales at 20 Ohms, Depth micrometer 0-25mm (mitutoyo), Dial gauge type 1 Gr. A (complete with clamping devices and with magnetic stand), Different type of Engine Bearing model, Different type of piston model, Drift Punch Copper 15 Cm, Drill point angle gauge, Drill twist 1.5 mm to 15 mm (various sizes) by 0.5 mm, Electric Soldering Iron 230 V 60 watts 230 V 25 watts, Electric testing screw driver, Engineer’s square 15 cm. Blade, Engineers stethoscope, File flat 20 cm bastard, File, half round 20 cm second cut(JK sun flower), File, Square 20 cm second cut(JK sun flower), File, Round 30 cm 2nd cut (JK sun flower), File, triangular 15 cm second cut (JK sun flower), Files assorted sizes &types including safe edge file (20 Nos), Flat File 25 cm second cut (JK sun flower), Flat File 35 cm bastard (JK sun flower), Fuel injection pump dismantling tool kit /Universal Vice, Fuel injection pump VE pump along with special tools and accessories, Glow plug tester, Grease Gun, Grease Gun heavy duty trolley type 10 kg capciaty, Growler, Hacksaw frame adjustable 20-30 cm, Hammer Chipping 0.25 Kg, Hammer copper 1 Kg with handle, Hammer Mallet, Hammer Plastic, Hand operated crimping tool, Hand Shear Universal 250mm, Left cut snips 250mm, Lifting jack screw type 5ton capacity, Lifting jack screw type 20 Ton capacity, Magnifying glass 75mm, Marking out table 90X60X90 cm., Multimeter digital, Oil can 0.5/0.25 liter capacity, Oil pump for dismantling and assembling., Oscilloscope 20MHz, Outside micrometer 0 to 25 mm (mitutoyo), Outside micrometer 25 to 50 mm (mitutoyo), Pipe cutting tool, Pipe flaring tool, Piston Ring expander and remover, Piston Ring groove cleaner., Pliers combination 20 cm., Pliers flat nose 15 cm, Pliers round nose 15 cm, Pliers side cutting 15 cm, Portable electric drill Machine, Prick Punch 15 cm, Radiator cut section-cross flow, Radiator cut section-down flow, Radiator pressure cap, Right cut snips 250mm, Rivet sets snap and Dolly combined 3mm, Scraper flat 25 cm, Scraper half round 25 cm, Scraper Triangular 25 cm, Set of stock and dies -M
Sector Power Plant Tender Value INR 4.70 Lakhs (approx.)
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 11929595
Closing Date 17 - Oct - 2014 Login to View Tender Details
Annual rate contract for work for up keeping of control room & colony premises at 220KV Khanpur SS under Ranasan TR Division - (1) Dry & wet cleaning of, 220 KV CR BIdg & stores, Including Toilet blocks, (2) Daily sweeping & cleaning of all the roads of s/s & colony & office open space, (3) Provision of skilled supervisor to supervise the complete work, (4) All materials require for cleaning & up keeping like powder, Acid, Phynile, mop, broom, bucket etc. will be provided by contractor.
Sector Education And Research Institute Tender Value INR 6.80 Lakhs
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 11903980
Closing Date 15 - Oct - 2014 Login to View Tender Details
Supply of Laboratory items, Furniture items, Sports items, Sports uniforms, Electric items, Color paint & building materials, Hostel equipment - Tennis ball, Cricket tennis ball, Cricket grip, Cricket bat, Cricket batting gloves, Cricket w-keeper gloves, Cricket helmet, Cricket center guard, Cricket leather ball, Foot ball, Volley ball, Shuttles cocks, Shuttle cocks nylon, Yoga, Badminton rackets, Handball (men), Handball (women), Table tennis ball, Basket ball, Volley ball net, Foot ball net, Basket ball net, Hand ball net, Kho-kho pole, Takeoff board( long jump), Relay batten, Toe board (short put), Victory stand, Table tennis table, Majoring rassi cotton, Whistle, Whistle, Cricket leg guard, (boys youth size), Weeket keeper leg guard, Chess kit, Javelin men(wooden) 800 gm, Javelin women(wooden) 600 gm, Brush cutter, Mud pump, Chemistry lab, Copper sulphate, Ammonium chloride, Ammonium sulphate, Lead chloride, Lead sulphate, Lead nitrate, Ferric chloride, Alluminium sulphate, Barrium chloride, Magnesium sulphate, Alluminium chloride, Disodium hydrogen phosphate, Sodium nitroprruside, Sodium hydroxide, Filter paper, Test tube, Sulphuric acid, Nitric acid, Hydrochloric acid, Physics lab items, Battery eliminator, Boyles law apparatus, Searles apparatus, Law of parallelogram apparatus, Travelling microscope, Flexible wire, Micrometer screw guage, Vernier caliipers, Ammonium chloride, Potentiometer (4 wire type), Meter bridge, Inclined plane, Voltmeter range-1v, Voltmeter range- 10v, Maths lab items, Glazed paper, Junior science lab items, Specimens, Hydra, Amoeba, Paramaecium, Aspergillus, Yeast, Litmus paper blue, Litmus paper red, Chart papers, Pollination, Fertilisation, Seed dispersal, Nitrogen cycle, Iodine solution, Iodine sulphate, Biology lab items, Fehling solution ‘a’, Fehling solution ‘b’, Bendict ‘s reagent, Saframine, T-shirt (with colar) cotton below color, Track suits, Woolen sweater, Tie navy blue with white strip (small size) 17 inch with embroidery vidyalaya monogram, Students belts with brass badge school name & insignia will be printed, Lamp 100 wt., Lamp 60 wt., C.f.l. (energy sever lamp) 11 watt pl, C.f.l. (energy sever lamp) 28 watt, Tube light stick 40w., Chock (copper), Chock (electronic), Starter, Rotor holder, Flexible wire 24/20., Flexible wire 1/18., Copper, Flexible wire 16/20., Flexible wire, Capacitor, Switch one way 5 amp., Switch two way 5 amp., One way gang box., Two way gang box., Three way gang box., Four way gang box., P.v.c tape, Two pin socket, Three pin socket, Pin holder, Regulator (fan), Starter holders, Lamp holder, Halogen tube 1000 wt., Halogen tube 500 wt., Halogen with cover 500 wt., Halogen with cover 1000 wt., Flexible wire for tube light wring, Halogen holder, Beaten holder, Two pin, Three pin 5 amp., Three pin 16 amp., P.v.c pipe 1”, P.v.c pipe clamp, P.v.c - t, P.v.c band, Switch with plug 16 amp., Rotor holder stand, Single way switch 16 amp., Direct on-line motor stater, Iii phase type s.p.1., Fan, Re-winding, Bearing, Service charge, Fan capacitor, Tube light with cover (street light), 150 watt sodium lamp, 150 watt sodium chowk, 150 watt sodium ignitor, 150 watt holder( for sodium lamp), 70 watt sodium lamp, 70 watt sodium chowk, 70 watt sodium ignitor, 70 watt holder ( for sodium lamp), Mcb 10 amp, 1/18 wire wire bundle, Tractor filter chuno (lime), Acrylic distemper white base, Thinner, Oil paint (masroom), Oil paint (sand stone), Oil paint (golden brown), Fast violet, Wood primer ( white ), Metal primer ( red oxide ), Painting brush, Brown paper, White cement, Cement, D.d.l. Fevicol, Bib cock ( 200 gm ), Bib cock ( 400 gm ), P.v.c. Cock, Brass cock, Float ball, G. I. Band, G. I. Coupling, G. I. Pipe, C. I. Valve, Brass valve, G. I. Clamp, C. I. Ball valve, S.s.mosquito net, Wall putty, Snow same, Cement paint, Dual desk, Dining table, Dining bench, Steel rack, Computer table, Office cupboard, Wooden office table, Computer chair, Steel table with drawer, Teacher table, Library glass door cabinet, Teacher chair, Locker cup board, Teakwooden seti, Iron sofa with curseons, Revolving chair, Stool, Plastic chair etc.
Sector Non Classified Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 11844097
Closing Date 15 - Oct - 2014 Login to View Tender Details
Auction sale of MS, SS316, al scrap, MS/SS joint pieces, hi chrome pipes, conveyor belt, MS & plastic drums & barrels, refractory brick, empty glass bottles & various empty bags.
Sector Other Metal Products Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 11874115
Closing Date 15 - Oct - 2014 Login to View Tender Details
Auction sale of plant & machinery old, used & scrap of S.S. Tank of sampling, Bottom Shell Scrubber MOC, Mix Scrap of PVC/HDPE/HM-HDPE/PP/LDPE Like Drums, Carboys, Pall Rings, Non-Ferrous Pvc Covered Copper Tube, Pipes Wires & Assorted Copper Coil, Spoilt Pp Filter Cloth Bags, Filter Candles, Empty Ms Drums, Fan Motor & Stiching Machine Motor, FRP/PVC-FRP/FRP/Fitted MS Scrap, Ferrous Stainless Steel, Glass Scrap, Canteen Utensill Like SS Plates, SS Jugs, Tea Catles, Hard Board Scrap, MS Scrap (like structural reinforcement, rubber lined valves, rubberlined pipes & its fittings, cs valves, cs pipes rallings, castings, ms vassals, ms rubberlied/pvdf lined tanks & vassals, pipes & fittings & ptfe lined pipes & its fittings, & nuts bolts & washers other miscellaneous Ms. Scrap).
Sector Security Services Tender Value INR 48.50 Lakhs
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 11923236
Closing Date 15 - Oct - 2014 Login to View Tender Details
Repairs to concrete pavement and cold emulsion in runway/taxi track at af station. #*. repairs to joint fillging in runway/taxi track at af station. #*. painting to runway and taxi track in tech area at af station. #*. Special repairs to swimming pool at af-I at af station. #*. provision of parking sheds for certain vehicle at af station. #*. provision of new building for m inor to emergency room and renovation of family ward at smc. #*. Construction of store rooms for afnet at af station. #*. construction of non tech store for certain unit. #*. construction of station briefing hall at station hq. #*. construction of office for special mt tech FLT. #*. provision of Air conditioner at certain rooms at af station. #*. Provision of road furniture in AF -II at af station. #*. additional of A MT building and comn section at af station. #*. provision of pump set equipments at station. #*. provision of voltage stabilizers in domestic and tech area. #*. provision of copper earthings (60. nos.) for L-2 swiltches at af station. #*. provision of online monitoring system for energy meters at af station. #*. Renovation of underground sumps at main pump house at af station. #*. provision of water pipe line. #*. provision of class -I lighting & sealing doors at af station. #*. provision of two double leaf doors at five sheds. #*. Provision of additional rooms. #*. Provision of barrack stores in tech area. #*. Provisioning for stand by power supply with auto change over facility and UPS backup at af station. #*. construction of crew room & toilet at certain section. #*. Provision of ground crew rest room. #*. Construction of garbage disposal bins and provision of approach path for existing swt and garbage disposal bins. #*. repairing/renewal of earthing pits and connected items at af station.
Sector Roads Tender Value INR 1.99 Lakhs (approx.)
Location Gujarat - India Ref.No 11930609
Closing Date 15 - Oct - 2014 Login to View Tender Details
Special repair to government girls polytechnic including renovation of toilet block, vitrified flooring, colour work. #1. Special repair of building ground floor at LDCI including providing and fixing of water supply connection for water cooler work. #1. Additional and alternator to government girls polytechnic including extension of bit office. #1. Additional and alternator of C2 sundarum officers quarter including providing and laying of cupboard in kitchen. #1. Additional and alternator of sundarum officers flat including providing and fixing of mosquito grill door etc. (Gujarati Document)
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